Yet Another Star Gone From TNA? More On Tomko’s Future

by Chris Gorst on 30th July 2008

Black Reign’s (Dustin Rhodes) profile has been pulled from TNA’s website giving the indication that he is now gone from the company as well. This is not real surprising news as he hasn’t been used on television since April. It is believed he was never under an official contract with the company and was simply working on a pay-per-appearance agreement.

We will try to find out more on the departure of Tomko in the days to come, but we have confirmed that he is leaving the company. He’ll be working in Japan still as he’s publicly been very high on the wrestling there.

What makes this interesting is that Tomko stated publicly last month that he had just resigned his contract, meaning he had all intentions of sticking with the company for a while at that point, at least. It could simply be a case of a mutual agreement between TNA and Tomko allowing him out of his contract to work full-time in Japan since it doesn’t seem TNA has big plans for him right now.

Another tidbit to remember is that there were rumors a few months back of Tomko being suspended due to missing an event. Tomko denied the rumors stating that he had a shoulder injury and TNA allowed him a few weeks off. Tomko said the situation got “blown out of proportion” adding that TNA wouldn’t suspend people for something like that.

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