NXT Fusion: McGillibuddies Unite!

by Firefly on 21st July 2010

The 20th July 2010 episode of NXT starts before the titles roll, with Matt Striker demonstrating the obstacle course that the Rookies will be taking on later in the show, finishing it himself in a total of 41.5 seconds.

After the titles, we go to the ring where MVP is hosting his VIP Lounge. He says that normally he’d have champagne flowing and he’d be ready to set the party off, but not this time as he has an issue to settle with his guest, his Rookie, “Showtime” Percy Watson.

Percy Watson comes down and enters the ring, with MVP giving him an unhappy look. MVP tells Watson that what he attempted to do last week didn’t take courage, guts, or spirit – but it did take initiative.

He says that he’d wanted to smash his glasses off his face, but he thought about it and realised that they were a lot alike, he said that a few years ago, he’d have done the same thing, but now he’s learned a lot, and asks if Watson has learned anything.

Watson says he has, and that he respects MVP but that his mentality last week took over and he went about things the wrong way, and he sincerely apologises for it. MVP accepts this, and they put things behind themselves, and MVP suggests hitting a club.

Before anything more can be said, Matt Striker’s music hits and he comes out saying that next week there will be a poll, and there will be an elimination, so he wants to know why Percy Watson should be ranked number one next week.

MVP says that if Watson wants to be a Superstar in the WWE, he has to be the complete package; he has to have the athleticism, appearance, verbal skills, and charisma, he says that Watson has all of these things, and then asks the crowd if he has all those things, and seems to be answered with mostly booing.

MVP tells Watson to tell them why he should be the next breakout star, and Watson says that he is a heavy-hitter, go-getter, and not a quitter. He says that he has worked hard every day of his life to get to where he is, he says that he knows what it’s like to fight, scratch, and claw to get to everything he’s got.

Before he can say much more, Striker interrupts, thanking Watson and says that he’s stated his case as to why he should be number one next week, before getting interrupted himself by “Dashing” Cody Rhodes’ music, with Rhodes and Husky Harris making their way out onto the stage.

After Rhodes is finished looking at himself in the digital mirror, Striker asks why Harris should be number one next week. Rhodes says that Harris could do with grooming advice like most of the crowd, but he would be a great representative for them, he says that he is an “Army tank with a Ferrari engine.”

Harris says that for the last couple of years, the WWE has been full of body builders and six-packs, he says that he doesn’t sing and dance, he’s not a “miniature midget ninja”, all he is is real – with MVP interrupting with a “real fat” comment.

Next we have a video of Rookie Lucky Cannon, with comments (both positive and negative) from the Pros and showing highlights (again, both positive and negative) from his time in NXT so far.

Afterwards, we see the Pros sitting on the stage, getting ready to observe the Tag Team match between Rhodes/Harris and MVP/Watson. The match ends with Harris hitting a Senton Backsplash on MVP for the win, with Watson appearing to slowly attempt to enter the ring to be able to break it up.

Now a video of Rookie Michael McGillicutty, with mostly positive comments from the WWE Pros, except from The Miz who says that “Daddy was good, [McGillicutty’s] mediocre.”

Before a match between Lucky Cannon and Alex Riley, Striker asks Cannon to tell us why he should be number one next week. Cannon says that he’s not going to waste anyone’s time by pleading his case or saying that he’s better than anyone, as that’s a matter of opinion.

He says that he’s been having the time of his life doing his best to entertain everyone, that it’s like a dream and that he doesn’t want it to end, he gives thanks for giving him this chance.

Striker now asks Miz & Riley why Riley should be number one next week. Riley says that losers always whine about their best, and that it’s no secret that he doesn’t like the WWE Universe, and they don’t like him, he says that this competition isn’t about that, it’s about the WWE and who should run it.

He says he knows people care about the WWE, as he sees them in the arenas and watching at home, he says that we should all do the right thing and vote for Alex Riley. The Miz says that the WWE Universe has no idea what they want, voting Kaval and Percy Watson numbers one and two, he says only he knows what they want. He says that the reason why we should vote for Alex Riley is simple – because the future WWE Champion told us to.

Alex Riley picks up the victory in the match after hitting a fireman’s carry into a cutter, a move which he calls the “You’re Dismissed”. After The Miz congratulates Riley and they start walking up towards the ramp, Miz hands Riley the U.S title and enters the ring with his Money In The Bank briefcase, hitting Cannon in the gut with it, followed by a Skull Crushing Finale onto it, before leaving with Riley.

Next, we have a Raw Rebound video recapping the events of this week’s Raw between Cena and The Nexus (click here for our Raw report). Afterwards, we’re told that worldwide voting for NXT starts at Noon Eastern Time on the 21st July and lasts all week long.

Now time to find out why Eli Cottonwood should be number one next week. Morrison says that last week after NXT he was flying home and was eating a burrito in the airport when the whole NXT roster walked by.

He says that some kids stopped eating and one asked their mother who it was when they saw Cottonwood, he says that they didn’t know who anyone was on NXT or didn’t care, but for some reason they wanted to watch Cottonwood. Morrison says if he keeps learning and improving, he can be a long-term investment, which is worth more than anyone else on NXT Season 2.

Cottonwood asks Striker who he is going to vote for, Striker starts to say that it’s not up to him, but he intimidates him for an answer, resulting in an answer that he’ll vote for Cottonwood. He asks who else in NXT is as intimidating and evokes as much fear as him.

Striker then asks why Kaval is WWE’s next breakout star. Lay-Cool say that Kaval has the passion, heart, skills, smarts, and one thing that makes him almost flawless that nobody else up there has – them.

Kaval says that people should vote for him because he has confidence in his abilities to go toe-to-toe against the greats in the WWE, he says that if people want to see him go against people like Evan Bourne, Randy Orton, and Rey Mysterio, they have the power to make it happen.

Striker lets us know that the obstacle course is next, and that the winner will win immunity from being eliminated next week. Before that happens, he asks why Michael McGillicutty should be the next breakout star.

Kofi Kingston says that McGillicutty is not the biggest or strongest, but he is the hungriest, he was born to do this, and he has the support of the fans, who will from this point forward be known as the “McGillibuddies”.

McGillicutty says that he will win NXT because he has the most talented Pro, he is the most talented Rookie, he has a perfect record, and that the WWE Universe should make the perfect choice and vote for him.

Striker says that there is one very important rule on the obstacle course challenge, that if the Rookies fail on any particular obstacle, they must go back and complete that obstacle. Michael Cole informs us that Striker knows all about that rule, as though we saw him complete the course himself at the start of the show, it actually took him three tries to do it.

McGillicutty completes the course in a time of 26.7 seconds, which ends up being the fastest time, thus earning him immunity from elimination next week.

Riley completes it in 40.3 seconds; Cottonwood gets disqualified; Cannon completes it in 28.2 seconds; Kaval completes it in 29.1 seconds; Watson completes it in 31.5 seconds; Harris completes it in 50.3 seconds.

Striker reminds us when voting opens, and that McGillicutty is immune from elimination, before NXT goes off the air.

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