JR On New Raw GM, SummerSlam, Freddie Prinze, Jr. & More

by Al M. on 1st August 2008

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry on his official website. Below are some of the highlights:

On Mike Adamle becoming the new Raw GM: The uproar regarding Mike Adamle being named as the new G.M. of Monday Night Raw seems a little like overkill to me. Firstly, I am not sure how prominate a role the Raw G.M. will have going forward. Does any one as of today? The object of any creative endeavor should be to establish wrestling stars and all those that are involved in the process should focus on that particular matter. Secondly, Adamle has yet to have one complete Raw episode under his belt but he has apparently already been deemed a disaster by many fans and some pundits. It would seem reasonable, unless some one has a crystal ball, that one would allow Mike a few weeks to settle into his role and to see what individuality and entertainment content Adamle can bring to the game. Personally, I think it wold be easier for a newcomer like Adamle to successfully pull off the General Manager role easier than doing play by play.

We fans focus on the damnedest things at times. The Raw G.M. role has been at times a major character on the weekly, cable TV show while at other times the role was down scaled. One could assume that the position of Raw G.M. will evolve based on Adamle’s skills in a new role. It seems like the least we can do is give the guy a fair shake at creating is own persona before websites start polls and more editorials are written damning Adamle’s selection.

On SummerSlam: As a fan, I am much more surprised to see John Cena face Batista at Summerslam this year than I was seeing Mike Adamle moved to the “front office” of Raw. Point being, I wasn’t expecting to see Cena battle The Animal until maybe even WM25. It certainly adds a marketable match to Summerslam but, no matter what is scheduled, Summerslam will be headlined and dominated by the Hell in a Cell match pitting the returning Undertaker to face Edge. If any thing else closes Summerslam, I would be shocked.

On this week’s SmackDown: Friday Night Smackdown has one of the most compelling endings that I can recall in years. The show, as a whole, has a fair amount of wrestling, some many of you will enjoy and, naturally, some that some of you won’t….same as always. I do know that Kennedy vs. Benjamin was a solid, two segment wrestling match while “The” Brian Kendrick continues to impress. Jeff Hardy vs. The Great Khali certainly had its moments between two wrestlers with completely opposite styles. But back to my original point, the build to the last segment of Friday Night Smackdown is intriguing and the payoff is one of the most memorable moments on WWE TV in a long time.

On Freddie Prinze, Jr. signing with WWE: Freddie Prinze, Jr. is going to be involved creatively in the Smackdown brand from what I gather. Freddie is a big time wrestling fan and seems like a respectful and intelligent individual in the brief moment that we had to say hello a day or two ago . It will be interesting to see Freddie’s future contributions within the unique, WWE community. Freddie has achieved some great success in Hollywood but the WWE is a much different animal that most perceive until they enter the “WWE Universe”. I just hope that Friday Night Smackdown continues to feature more wrestling than not which is what I feel is still the WWE’s most uniquely, marketable asset, in ring wrestling.

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Credit: Andy Steven

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