On having ones mind on the tag division…

by Dave on 22nd July 2010

So after the Motor City Machine Guns finally gained the belts they so desperately deserved in THE match of Victory Road (against Beer Money), and then the week just gone we found out that there is a best of five series involving (arguably) these, the two most over teams in the world at the moment.

Now not to take anything away from WWE, but they just can’t showcase their teams as well as TNA (providing you don’t have silly Russo/Hogan additions: I’m looking at the MCMG/Beer Money match, which was ruined by the addition of Team 3D and then got thrown out when ‘The Band’ interfered but I digress). Anyway the first match of the series was a ladder match, with the winner getting to pick the stipulations for the second match. Both teams basically put on a clinic and the ‘Guns got a great pop from the crowd. I wasn’t sure who would win this until right at the very end when the referee was ‘knocked out’ and Sabin was able to climb up the ladder, before Storm hit him with a Beer Bottle and picked up the contract, which the referee saw and rang the bell to signal Beer Money as winners.

I just hope that with the current ECW ‘Invasion’ angle that these two teams (who have built up potentially a great heel/face feud) don’t get swept under the carpet.

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