Lance Storm gives thanks to ROH

by Al M. on 1st August 2008

Thank You: ROH
July 28, 2008

“Sometimes it is better to give than receive”. It’s an age-old saying, but truer words have not been spoken. Last week I wrote about my pending trip to Ring of Honor and how I was making the trip in an effort to give back. To give back to the industry that treated me so well and to help out a company and a locker room I believe in and think deserves it. I was not making the trip because of what ROH could do for me, but for what I might do for ROH.

I gave of my time, my knowledge, my experience, and even my body. I received no paycheck for doing so and yet somehow I still came out the better for it in the end. I cannot thank Ring of Honor or the great fans in Toronto and Detroit enough for the experience this past weekend; I truly had the time of my life.

Toronto was the show I was most looking forward to and it did not disappoint. Toronto fans showed up in great numbers (1200 – 1500) and were the best and rowdiest crowd I’ve seen since the original ECW One Night Stand PPV. You can’t have a great show without great fans and the Toronto fans did their part to making this show a fantastic event. Everyone just seemed to feed off each other, the crowd fueling the boys and the boys responding to it, which in return produced greater matches and more reaction from the crowd.

I was completely over whelmed by the response I received in Toronto. I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction I was going to get when I stepped out in front of that crowd (yes, if you haven’t heard, I played a roll in the show in addition to just signing autographs) and I was absolutely blown away. It’s good to know fans remember and appreciate my past efforts and I can’t thank them enough for the reception they gave me.

I got to cut a promo on Larry Sweeney, put the half crab on Chris Hero (something that would come back to bite me in the ass in Detroit) as well as Superkick poor Mr. Hagadorn. It was a bad night all around for Sweet and Sour Incorporated.

In addition to my appearance the Toronto crowd was treated to the return of Mark Briscoe, a ROH World Title match, and a ton of other great matches, my personal favourite probably being the Roderick Strong vs. Naomichi Marufuji match.

Detroit was not quiet as special for me (Canada is my home after all) but it too was a fantastic night. I had yet another run in with Sweet and Sour Incorporated, although this time I was suffering from dry mouth and a 10-pound tongue and mumbled my way through a horrendous promo. (The PPV is worth ordering just for that atrocity) I did at least managed to get my hands on Larry Sweeney but paid the price at the hands of Chris Hero. For those of you wondering I am not making a comeback, but I do have a receipt penciled in for Mr. Hero to be paid back at some point in the future!

There were a ton of great matches in Detroit including the return of Mark and Jay Briscoe to tag team action, Nigel McGuinness vs. Claudio Castagnoli for the ROH World Title, and the match of the night between Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black, who managed to both break the ring and steal the show.

This was a fantastic weekend for me and I want to thank everyone in ROH. Thank you for extending me your respect and welcoming me into your locker room. You guys are a credit to this industry, and I was proud to be a part of your show. I hope my advice and feedback benefits you as much as my being around you has benefited me. You have helped recharge my love for this sport and for that I thank you. I hope to see you all again in the future. If you haven’t yet checked out Ring of Honor, you are really missing out!!

Lance Storm

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