New TNA Spin Cycle: Total Knockout Round Table: Appearance by Disco Inferno

by Al M. on 1st August 2008

New TNA Spin Cycle: Total Knockout Round Table

Todays TNA Spin Cycle features Traci Brooks, Salinas, Gail Kim, and
ODB with your host Jeremy Borash. Topics include New Womens Champion
Taylor Wilde, IPHONE 2.0, Bad Dates, Samoa Joe, Best Dressed, EMRASSING!,
and Dirty Laundry. They show footage of Kurt Angle, never before seen of his
date with Dudelyz date at the GYM. The girls name Disco Inferno worst desser,
makes an apperance on the show. Overall fun 31min. show. Shark Boy in
Diry Laundry, featuring The Rock -N- Rave Infection.

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