Nigel McGuinness comments on his interest in WWE and TNA

by Al M. on 1st August 2008

Nigel McGuinness

Nigel McGuinness said he would never say never regarding the possibility of
working for WWE or TNA. “I think at some point in your career you have to
look at what you’re earning and you have to look at what you’ve done,”
McGuinness told “And you’ve got to say there comes a time
when I’ve got to start earning some serious money behind me and saving
some so that I can retire before I’m 50 years old so I’ve got something to
show for all the bumps and bruises and injuries. So, certainly, never say

Nigel also commented on the possibility of ROH securing a television deal.
“The people that run Ring of Honor, they don’t want to take too big a step
and risk too much,” he said. “Because, if we rush on to TV with a bad deal,
it’s going to cost us more than it’s going to help us, and that could be the
end of the company. So we better be very careful about that and make sure
that any step we do make in that direction is going to be for the better and
is not gong to risk too much…But as far as do we need that to get to the next
level? I would say so.” To read the full interview, visit


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