JR’s Blog: CM Punk, ECW TV, Jenny McCarthy

by Al M. on 2nd August 2008

For those that choose to watch or to DVR NBC’s Saturday Night’s Main Event, I think
you will be pleasantly surprised with World Champion C.M. Punk’s
commentary during the opening 8 man tag that featured Raw Superstars. Punk doesn’t
get the credit yet that he has earned or deserves as the World’s Champion. Punk has
some RVD-like qualities about him as it relates to having a loyal and vocal fan base. If
Punk can continue to navigate choppy waters, he will hopefully establish residence on
the “next level” and stay there for the foreseeable future.

Here’s an idea for ECW TV….go young…stay young…and take
chances on new individuals and concepts. It looks as if that may be the direction
the Tuesday night Sci Fi show is heading. I like watching ECW because one can
usually see more wrestling in their hour than many other hours on TV.

It was great seeing Jenny McCarthy again for the taping of the SNME
after so many years. Jenny came to Stamford and did an announcer audition that yours
truly participated in at the Hamilton Avenue studio. Jenny was unpretentious and a
beautiful woman who was pretty versed in sports and one could tell had been a “Tom Boy”
growing up. She literally has not aged a bit and was just a lovely and gracious around the
WWE folks as one could ask. Jenny’s Generation Rescue needs your help to fight autism
and any thing you can afford to contribute is most appreciated. No donation is too small.
Check out www.wwe.com for more info. BTW Jenny’s job interview back in the day was
one of the very best of any “outside talent” that I personally was involved with or witnessed.
She has a great sense of humor.

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