My Thoughts on CM Punk as World Champion

by Chris Gorst on 3rd August 2008

After reading Jim Ross’ latest insane ramblings…sorry, blog, I found an interesting comment regarding the World Heavyweight championship, CM Punk. For those who have yet to read it, here is the comment:

For those that choose to watch or to DVR NBC’s Saturday Night’s Main Event, I think you will be pleasantly surprised with World Champion C.M. Punk’s commentary during the opening 8 man tag that featured Raw Superstars. Punk doesn’t get the credit yet that he has earned or deserves as the World’s Champion. Punk has some RVD-like qualities about him as it relates to having a loyal and vocal fan base. If Punk can continue to navigate choppy waters, he will hopefully establish residence on the “next level” and stay there for the foreseeable future.

Now, I have said before that I am a big fan of CM Punk. I know how good he is on the mic, especially as a heel. My problem with CM Punk is that his title reign has been awful so far, and that pains me to say as I marked so hard when he won the title from Edge. It was the first time WWE had made me care about something in a long time. Then what happened from there was where it all went downhill, and quick.

By the end of the night he had been made to look weak in a match with JBL. This is a man who for months was mainly involved in a feud because he beat up a midget and someone who had been demolished by John Cena in every match they had up until that point (this was pre-Bash), and someone who doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the title picture to begin with. So, after sneaking out a win (following a distraction by Cena and Cryme Tyme) he had survived for one night.

The following week he defeated Snitsky in a glorified squash, breaking Snitsky’s nose in the process. In all fairness, a win over Snitsky is as easy to earn as a win over Funaki, so I wouldn’t say this is an exception to the rule as Snitsky hasn’t beaten anyone in a long time.

The following week saw the steepest drop of the downfall. CM Punk took on Kane. In a match that was 90% Kane offence with Punk hitting a few kicks. Both men ended up outside the ring and Punk crawled in at 9, winning by count out. Punk looks weak once again. Post match, Kane beat the crap out of Punk before wrapping a chair around his throat before Batista makes the save. Well, he made the save, then hit a big spinebuster on the champ leaving him down and out.

Next was the Great American Bash and his first pay per view title defence against Batista. Yet another match where Punk is dominated. He got in a few hope spots, but not much else. Batista was dominant throughout and had the match won on a number of occasions before Kane ran in and took out both men. The following night on RAW, we saw the same match with the same conclusion (just substitute Kane for JBL and you see the picture). Once again, Punk looks like a bitch.

Now, as I said, I am a big fan of CM Punk, but honestly, even I find it hard getting behind him when you know he will get the crap kicked out of him before somehow escaping with the title. And now we are apparently building towards JBL vs CM Punk II at Summerslam. This will likely be another match where Punk is made into a bitch and will probably sneak a win out of nowhere. I honestly think this title run is hurting his credibility as opposed to helping it, and until WWE book him to look like a strong champion, the fans will eventually see him as not worthy of being a champion and see him as a flash in the pan when in actual fact, he is more than capable of beating anyone put infront of him. Look at his ROH matches with Samoa Joe. There is a guy who is 280lbs and they had some of the best matches in the history of Ring of Honor together so there is no issue with the size of his opponents, its the quality of the booking. So, my advice to WWE Creative, learn from the mistakes you made with Rey Mysterio, booking a champion as a fluke is a bad idea. Either take the title off him or start booking him as a credible champion.

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