Johhny Morrison Asking the Fans for a new Gimmick!

by Al M. on 3rd August 2008

Johhny Morrison

Whad did you just call me?

Friday, August 1, 2008, 10:20 PM EST [General]

This is another repost from my myspace:  There are a ton of suggestions for cool names left as comments to this blog on my myspace page- Can you think of anything?


New York

Yo sup- I spent the day in New York today visiting my sister and some old friends. I was once again reminded why I think New York is a great place to visit (culture and the people) but a terrible place to live (traffic and the people).

I always get annoyed when people deface things, why paint **** on billboards, or write your name on the walls of the subway? However, I feel like there are two exceptions to this; I love artistic graffiti, and clever vandalism. Clever vandalism? Yeah! While I was in NYC I noticed that somebody put up a bunch of word balloons like the ones they have in comic books, on several of the new posters and advertisements.

Two funny ones I saw were; one, on a poster for Tori Spelling’s new reality show about being pregnant some one put a word balloon on her belly. Tori Spelling’s unborn baby says, “Abort me!”
Another one I saw was on a poster for the new X-Files movie. David Duchovny says, “My career has gone nowhere.” Ha ha ha… it’s true. My friends told me that the bubbles started appearing on New York subway advertisements years ago. Hmmm… well it’s new to me.

Now I know this is different than posting empty word balloons on subway cars, but… If anyone out there is witty enough to guess what I might be thinking, post it as a reply to this blog. If you’re line is good I’ll say it on TV, or the Dirt Sheet. Thinking of different nicknames for me to call to myself is a good place to start… I am the Shaman of Sexy… The Tuesday Night Delight… The Guru of Greatness… The New Face of Extreme… etc… but why not the Redeemer of Rochester, the Minister of Majesty, or the Sage of Slow Mo? You know?

The best suggestions will be said on the Dirt Sheet!
Oh, and this week’s dirt sheet is up. This week our show was a victim of WWE’s new TV PG rating policy. I don’t know why it applies to the internet, but it indubitably does. Some stuff that got cut was Dr. Morrison’s Nintendo Wii breast exam, a suggestion that a young lady at the conference might be hungry for some peanut butter and Johnny, and other witty pearls of wisdom.

Despite losing peanut butter and Johnny this weeks dirt sheet still kicks ass. Check it out:

And don’t forget to reply to this blog with your thoughts about what I, John Morrison would call myself, or just happen to say at anytime.

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