The Elijah Express is Back Online!

by Al M. on 4th August 2008

The Elijah Express is Back Online!
Submitted by Elijah on Sat, 08/02/2008 – 12:00

Welcome back MY Congregation to the steamrolling machine known as
We are back, bigger, better and (to that idiot that posted the racial remarks) Blacker than
ever! Now to the idiot ( because I know that “YOU” will indeed read this) know that I forgive
you for your lack of intelligence and for wasting YOUR life that some poor woman struggle 9
months to crap out because obviously your nothing more than a big piece of ****, so please
email me so that we can talk. Your more than welcome here, or anywhere that I am
or maybe because its obvious that you are in need of a Savior….A Hero….A Leader…..
Oh what the hell, tell the truth and shame the devil, YOU’RE in need of
THE BLACK POPE!!!!!!!!!!!

Editors Note: Be sure to go check out the True Coded Letter. We will be discussing this next
week during our State of The Congregation Address!

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