Terri Runnels Speaks on Various Topics

by Al M. on 5th August 2008

After eight years with the WWE, Terri Runnels asked for and received her release from
the company in March 2004. After traveling the world, Runnels felt it was time to focus
on another role in her life, as mom to daughter Dakota, with ex-husband Dustin Rhodes.

“I took a year or so off just to be Mommy and not get on an airplane. Dakota was with me
on the road her first four years and it was awesome because she was with Mom 24/7 and
with Dad a whole lot. I think that kind of contact with your child is so important, I wouldn’t
trade that for anything,” Runnels told SLAM! Wrestling recently during an interview to
promote her “Make The World Write” contest.

There came a time when Runnels had to step back and leave her daughter at home.

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