The Great Khali’s WWE Future, Benjamin Pressured Backstage

by Chris Gorst on 8th August 2008 is reporting that management continues to pressure Shelton Benjamin to better himself in the ring and on the mic. Benjamin has a backstage reputation of being a worker that does just enough to get by, but does not challenge himself to get better. Although officials do not view him as a main event player, they feel confident that he can be a great upper-mid card talent. It should be noted that management is pleased with his response to their efforts, which is most likely why he’s been rewarded with a US title run.

The Great Khali continues to be plagued by chronic knee problems, and it seems that WWE is trying to get the most out of him now while he lasts. It’s being reported that Khali was not diligent enough with rehab following his last knee surgery, and is most likely suffering as a result. WWE views him as a short term commodity at this point, which most likely explains his recent push and title match at Summerslam.

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