Staff Wanted

Do you want to write for Wrestling Fusion?

We are currently interested in recruiting people to write for us.

Particularly of interest are people to cover various broadcasts (including but not limited to IMPACT Wrestling, TNA PPVs, WWE Raw, SmackDown, Main Event and NXT).

In addition to this, we are also interested in opinion columnists regarding the world of wrestling as a whole from their points of view, as well as people who regularly attend independent shows and can provide reports of those.


  • All positions are voluntary.
  • We will not reimburse costs incurred, we assume that successful candidates are already paying for the Tickets/Broadcasts/Pay-Per-Views/DVDs anyway (where applicable).
  • Applicants must include links to examples of their past work (or if unpublished, samples) when applying for ongoing positions.
  • To apply, Applicants should contact us using the form below.

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