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WWE “Releases” The Miz & R-Truth; To Be Utilised More For Storylines?

Posted in WWE by Firefly on 21st September 2011

WWE have announced on that they have released The Miz and R-Truth and wished them luck in their future endeavours, following the firing of The Miz and R-Truth on...

WWE Revives

Posted in WWE by Firefly on 29th March 2011

To celebrate WrestleMania XXVII being in Atlanta, Georgia – the home of WCW for many years until World Wrestling Entertainment purchased them ten years ago – has been revived... Gets A Facelift, IWF March 26th 2011 Results

Posted in Indy, WWE by Firefly on 27th March 2011

One week away from WrestleMania XXVII has seen get a facelift. Though I personally am not a fan of the new look, assuming that the old look was powered...

Triple H Attacks Ranjin Singh, Top 25 WWE Entrance Themes

Posted in WWE by Chris Gorst on 25th August 2008

source: In a WWE Mobile exclusive, Triple H attacked Ranjin Singh with a chair during the Jeff Hardy vs. The Great Khali match on SmackDown. After the loss, Eve...

More on Mike Adamle becoming GM

Posted in Raw, WWE by Al M. on 29th July 2008

WWE.COM has an intersting poll on the main page asking fans what they think of Mike Admale being named the new General manager of raw. At 14.95% of the vote...

The D-Lo Down

Posted in WWE by Al M. on 28th July 2008

The following is from Its a great article for those of you who need an introduction on who is DLO-BROWN! From the Nation of Domination and his simultaneous European and...

Top 25 WWE Finishers, Hogan & Andre Biographies, Stacy Interview

Posted in MMA, WWE by Chris Gorst on 27th July 2008

– has an article up listing the Top 25 Finishing Moves. The article also makes sure to get in a shot at Randy Savage by mentioning his rap album....

McMahon returns to RAW this Monday, other WWE notes

Posted in Raw, WWE by Danny Maher on 25th July 2008

WWE.COM is confirming that Shane McMahon will be at RAW this Monday night. They  also hint he could be annoucing the new General Manager, however i don’t think he will....

Column – Rey Mysterio and WWE’s Profit Mindset

Posted in Columns, WWE by Will Benson on 24th July 2008

I’m pretty much sick of Rey Mysterio. It’s not that he’s less interesting or talented or whatever than he was a couple years ago. No, what I’ve grown tired of...

WWE Universe, Cryme Tyme, more

Posted in WWE by Danny Maher on 24th July 2008

WWE is letting fans vote on a logo for WWE Universe. There is a choice of 3 up on Cryme Tyme has a new episode of there new show...