ECW on Sci-Fi Report – July 29 2008

by Chris Gorst on 30th July 2008

Tazz welcomes us to ECW and reminds us that Mike Adamle is the new GM. Todd Grisham is announced as the new ECW commentator.

Matt Hardy is on his way to the ring. Hardy takes the mic and lets us know he is psyched because he was always a fan of ECW. Since he was in some of the most extreme matches in the history of the WWE, he is a great fit since he got drafted there. Now he gets his biggest opportunity ever as he faces Henry for the title. Henry’s music interrupts Hardy and both Mark Henry and Tony Atlas come out smiling ear to ear. Atlas says he knows Hardy is not intimidated by the World’s Strongest Champion but mentions since Henry was drafted to ECW he went on to beat Kane and The Big Show for the ECW Championship. However, since Hardy was drafted he lost the U.S. Championship. It’s time for another demonstration from Henry, similar to the frying pan test with Dreamer a few weeks back. Atlas hands Henry a 40 inch steel bar, which is “a lot tougher than you Matt.” Hardy: “Is that right?” Henry bends the bar in half. Atlas said the bar bent but Matt will break. Henry hands the bar to Matt, and Matt fakes like he is going to hit Henry. Matt Hardy: “We’re not having a bar bending contest, we’re having a wrestling match. Inanimate objects like a steel bar or frying pan don’t fight back. I fight back.”

BACKSTAGE: Ricky Ortiz is on his way to the ring. He is 1-0, hoping to go 2-0 and he… is… next…

Chavo Guerrero (w/ Bam Neely) vs. Ricky Ortiz

Chavo seems to be channeling Shawn Michaels lately, especially with his showboating while shadowed by his bodyguard. Tazz mentions Ortiz is walking around cocky because he is undefeated. Lock up and the bigger Ortiz hits a big body slam. Chavo with an arm bar. Ortiz whips him into the ropes and then catches Chavo, who was attempting a cross body and then presses him over his head and just drops him. Punches by Chavo. Ortiz goes up top and hits a BIG flying shoulder block. Chavo gets the advantage after a hard uppercut and starts to work on Ortiz’s neck. Ortiz starts to fight back with closed fist blows and then hits a nice dropkick. Chavo with a drop toe hold and then goes for the pin but the referee catches Bam holding Chavo’s leg to help with the pin and disqualifies Chavo. In the last few weeks, Chavo has lost to two newcomers (Evan Bourne and now Ortiz).

Winner: Ricky Ortiz by Disqualification

POST MATCH: Bam Neely hits a full nelson slam after the match. Chavo goes up top and hits the big frog splash. Bam went for a chair but Evan Bourne ran down leapt to the top buckle and hit a big missile dropkick to Chavo and then dropkicked Neely off the ring apron before running off again.

BACKSTAGE: Colin Delaney approaches Mark Henry and Tony Atlas to find out why they left him alone last week. Atlas said they need Delaney to do something impressive to roll with the World’s Strongest Champion. Delaney asks for another opportunity. Atlas asks Delaney to fight Matt Hardy tonight to soften him up and they will be in his corner.

Last Tuesday ECW was the Sci-Fi Channel’s most watched show

Miz and Morrison vs. Finlay and Hornswoggle

Miz and Morrison are coming out separately again. A sign of things to come? Finlay and Horny come out next. Tazz “I love people who are shorter than me.” Finlay and Miz start out the match. Finlay with a clean break but quickly rakes Miz in the face and elbows him in the jaw. Another elbow by Finlay followed with a nerve pinch. Finlay with a headlock but Miz breaks away and tags in Morrison. Morrison works on Finlay’s neck. Miz gets knocked off the apron and Morrison just kind of looks at him. Horny in and drops in behind Morrison where Finlay pushes him backwards over the little guy. Miz in and takes a Hornswoggle battering ram to the lower midsection. Miz and Morrison down and we go to commercials. Back from break and Finlay has Morrison on the mat in a headlock. Morrison is up but Finley with a hard shoulder block and follows with a stiff kick. Finlay then body slams Morrison and goes back to the headlock. Tazz: “It’s almost like Finlay is in a handicap match.” Grisham: “No it’s not.” Tazz: “Yes, actually it is.” Morrison finally makes the ropes forcing a break. Morrison starts to fight back and goes for the Rude Awakening but Finlay rolls up Morrison, hits a hard knee and gets a two count. Finlay goes back to the nerve pinch. Finlay is just beating the hell out of the Shaman of Sexy. Finlay goes for the pin but Miz breaks it up. Finlay goes after Miz and Morrison throws him shoulder first into the ring post. Morrison and Miz start working on Finlay’s hurt shoulder. Miz finally comes back in and locks in a tight arm bar. Morrison goes for an over the top rope stomp but Finlay rolls out of the way. Finlay hits Miz to stop the tag, drives a hard shoulder into Morrison’s ribs, and follows with an inverted atomic drop. Celtic Cross to Morrison but Finlay only gets two. Hornswoggle tags himself in and goes for a head scissors but Morrison catches him and just drops him on his face for the three count.

Winners: Miz and John Morrison

POST MATCH: Mike Knox runs in and hits a big boot to the head of Finlay. Knox looks like he wants to eat Hornswoggle. Finlay grabs the shillelagh but Knox hits another big boot and leaves Finlay laid out.

MOMENTS AGO: Hornswoggle getting pinned.

BACKSTAGE: Mike Knox said he did what he did because Finlay went from a man who loves to fight to a man who dances around the ring with leprechauns.

Jenny McCarthy is getting into the ring to fight autism at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

BACKSTAGE: Braden Walker (Chris Harris) wishes Matt Hardy lots of luck in his match and talks shit about Colin Delaney. Walker then says he has Matt’s back tonight “brother.” Matt: “What’s your name again?” Hmm. I smell a turn.

LAST WEEK: Colin Delaney betrayed Tommy Dreamer at the Great American Bash and then was beat by Dreamer last week.

Matt Hardy vs. Colin Delaney

Matt comes out first and then Delaney comes out to his own special ring music (when did he get ring music?). Tony Atlas and Mark Henry come out with him but then remain at the top of the ramp. Delaney seems okay with that. Hardy gets a shoulder block. Tazz: “I love to watch Colin get destroyed and demolished.” Colin tries to take down Hardy but Matt punts him. Matt catches a Delaney kick and clotheslines him. Hardy hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Hardy whips Delaney into the buckle and then again into the other corner. Grisham: “It’s never nice to see someone get demolished.” Tazz: “Yes it is!” Delaney hits a BIG missile dropkick for a one count. Tazz: “It’s not really a missile, it’s more of a BB Gun.” Hardy with a back suplex and Henry starts to look perturbed. Hardy knocks down Delaney with a single punch. Matt Hardy to the second turnbuckle and drops an elbow. Side Effect by Hardy and he signals for something. Twist of Fate. One-Two-Three.

Winner: Matt Hardy

POST MATCH: Henry and Atlas come down to the ring and Henry press slams Delaney out of the ring to the floor. Henry and Atlas face off against Hardy. The show ends with Atlas and Henry leaving the ring.

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